I know this sounds really lame, but I love going grocery shopping. I actually enjoy it somewhat more than going shopping for clothes/makeup. Never thought I’d say that, haha!

This is my Go-To “Vegan” Grocery List! I say “Vegan” because I do eat eggs and local honey. Sorry if it offends you if you’re a hardcore vegan, but I support your views and hope you understand mine! Here are my answers for some questions you might have about my list. Enjoy! If you’d like the PDF version to print, send me an email :*



“Do you buy everything on this list EVERY time you go?”

Heck no! I try to keep most of these things on hand, but sometimes, things are priced differently, not available, or not fresh. SO: I choose my favorite things off of this list that I need/want to eat each week and go from there. If I could have my fridge filled with all of these foods at all times and have none of it go bad…THAT is my dream. But yo girl got billz & don’t wanna waste food.

“How often do you go grocery shopping?”

I like to go every week, usually on Sundays. I’ve tried every two weeks, but because I eat mostly fresh produce, it is difficult for it to last that long.

“Where do buy your groceries?”

Y’all, TRADER JOE’S IS WHERE IT’S AT. But for real, if you’ve never been, you MUST. It is such an awesome store with so many affordable, high-quality products.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.36.19 AM.png

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